SONY DWU18A firmware upgrade?

Hello, I am a newbie at this so please bare with me =)

I have the above drive (which I purchased by itself with nero with it). It is running the UYS1 firmware. My questions are:

  1. Is new firmware available?
  2. will this help with skipping problems on burnt DVDs?
  3. What is the chances that I will end up with a dead burner?
  4. What are the benefits of upgrading? Are there different upgrades available?
  5. Where will I find the MOST up to date firmware upgrade and which one do I chose?
  6. If the burner dies can I install the old firmware to make it work again?

Thanks so much for answering all these q’s for me.


I forgot to add that Im in Australia…if this make a difference?

I also have the option to swap with drive with a LG 4120B (dual layered)…should I stay with the Sony or swap it???

No firmware updates are available from Sony because they do not support OEM drives like this one.
It might.
Slim. And it is almost always recoverable by flashing in DOS.
Improvements. Not at this time.
Not if it died because of a hardware failure. Nothing can fix that.

dhc014, you’re not right. you even mention this on your site!

the Sony DW-U18A is a rebadged Lite-ON SOHW-812S. So you can use the CG3B firmware and upgrade it to a SOHW-832S.

get the firmware HERE

it is renamed to Sony DRU-700A to work with your nero oem.

I was only talking about official firmwares…

k, sorry for this, but question nr.5 made me worry…

My Dad has a Sony DW-U18A with UYS1 firmware - which i presume it means its gear driven.
So do i just download the 832S.CG3B.patched-700A.rar file and run the executable ?
it says… this flash utility is only for Sony DRU 700A drives. ?

or do i need to do some additional cross-flashing using OmniPatcher ?

I’m have one and I’m using the Lite-on SOHW-832s “CG3E” I applied the recommended tweaks and enabled auto-Bitsetting in addition to Cross flashing and it works great.

It’s really not your burner, it’s the nero 6. Furthermore Nero 5 does not support this drive. I’ve had success burning DVD’s (with no skipping) using Vertis RecordNow 4.5 or the Sonic RecordNow 4.6. (both are the original package shipped with this drive) Nero 6 has had problems burning DVD’s with many OEM drives (not all) and was never meant to be used with this burner.