Sony DWU-18A question (speeds)

HI there! First of all i’m not a digital guru at all, so please sorry if my questions are stupid. Drive: 18a, flashed to SOHW-832S

questions itself

  1. I ran performance test with the help of K-Probe, and the odd thing is I got only 8X reading speed at max. AFAIK it should be near 12X. Where is the problem?

  2. Generally, is it possible to use such a firmware, that would allow my Sony to read media at 16x (like last version of NEC does) and burn at 8x? Or it’s impossible due to different hardware.

Thank you very much.

12x read speeds is only for pressed media. Burned media and dual-layer media (pressed or burned) will be limited to 8x. This is a limitation of the hardware. Most (all) 8x burners on the market have a similar limitation; only the newer 12x and 16x burners are capable of faster read speeds for burned media.

Thanks for your answer. So there’s the same limitation for burning, right? I mean my Sony won’t be able to burn media at 8X.

Maybe you should read the specs of your drive. You bought a 8x burner and it will burn at 8x, but you should keep in mind that your drive prefers +R media.

Well, I meant burning ±RW. AFAIK 8x RW media should appear soon, and the question is if it’s possible to increase wrtining speed by just updating firmwares. Probably wrong forum, I should have written that in Newbies, not Lite-on. Sorry