Sony DWU-18A burner



Please help out a newbie.

I just bought and installed a Sony DWU-18a burner. The drive reads fine (I have not tried to burn anything yet.) The problem is that when I put in a media (any CD or DVD), right after the tray closes, there’s a really loud obnoxious noise. I thought for sure something was broken or loose, but the drive seems to be reading with no problem. Has anyones else experienced anything like this with this or other drives. I can’t imagine that noise is normal but I’ve never owned a DVD burner.

Another question if I may. I did some reading around the forum and I guess this drive is the same as the Lite-on 812S. My question is about the firmware. Do I have to flash the USOJ firmware to use bitsetting or can I try it with the existing Sony UYS1 firmware. I know that I have to patch the USOJ firmware before it would flash the Sony drive.

Thanks in advance for your reply.