Sony DWQ28A



Hi thanks for taking the time to read my post, any help is appreciated.

I have the above DVD drive and it’s been ok, 'cept for a couple of years ago, however that was resolved by deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry.

Anyway I burnt a disc this morning using Nero 7 and had no issues, went to burn a second disc and the drive could not read any new media, now the drive won’t recongise any media inserted into it.

Anyone have any idea as to what the issue is?



Is it both CD and DVD that don’t work any more? Check connections/cables and try booting from bootable CD and DVD to exclude software issue.


Both aren’t working, but I will try the bootable disc and see if that works.

Thank you for replying!


I should have added that I get the following error when installing Nero 7, not sure if this is a related issue too.

click for image


Don’t think so. Maybe your Nero download is corrupted? Did you Browse or Search for Nero.msi anywhere else on your PC?


Yes I did and nothing has come up.

I will try downloading Nero again.


OK to get from the above screenshot I had to cancel the search and the installation continued and is now burning a DVD.

Fingers crossed that the drive will now read a music cd and a blank cd.

Wonder why software does this to your drive!?!?!


This is really beginning to wind me up the wrong way.

It’s burnt a DVD movie, it plays back the DVD movie, it still won’t read a blank CD, play a CD it has recorded nor a pre recorded CD.


I’ve binned InCD too so that can’t be an issue either.


CD/DVD drives use two separate lasers to read/write CDs and read/write DVDs. There’s a chance that the CD laser in your drive has died, so you will only be able to use DVDs.

Fortunately new drives are cheap; if you’re in the US you can get a brand new LiteOn from Newegg for around $35 shipped.


Thanks reptile, I think that’s the case, so I will go get a new drive today.

Thanks for the recommendation, however I’m over in blighty!


Well I took the drive round to a friends house and it didn’t work on his PC, so that completely eliminated any software issue, so I went out and bought a Pioneer DVR 112BK. Silent as a mouse.

Thanks for all who offered time to help.