Sony DWQ28A - Quad Layer?

I’ve just been browsing and came across a Sony DWQ28A which claims to be…

One of the first Quad Layer burners on the market! Sony leads the way again…

Is that genuine?

Item can be found @ although none in stock :frowning:

LOL, I never heard of quad layer burners having been made yet… :smiley: but what do I know heheh

Never heard of it referred to as quad layer, but my quess is that it means that it can burn both of the double-layer formats (+R DL as well as -R DL).

is it a lite-on?


Hell, companies have problems with manufacturing double-layer DVD/R’s, and what about quad layers?
About the burner - you’re right. If anybody’s interested, here are the speeds -
16x DVD-R, 6x DVD-RW
16x DVD+R, 8x DVR+RW
4x DVD+R9, 4x DVD-R9
48x CD-R, 24x CD-RW

Maybe they mean that it can burn DVD18-discs, that is double-side double-layer dvds, which as fas as I know every normal double-layer burner also is capable of and I haven’t seen such discs yet.
Only marketing bullshit I think

Is that Sony’s marketing BS or is that the retailer’s marketing BS? I’ve never seen Sony refer to it as quad. It just happens that the letter that Sony picked to designate drives of the DW- series that support both DL formats with a “Q”, and I suspect that the retailer saw the “Q” and decided to attach their interpretation. Sony may be silly at times, but I don’t think they’re crazy enough to call something “quad”.

No review yet for this burner?

There’s a link to a Sony DRU-800A review in the FAQ. The DRU-800A and DW-Q28A are the same drives; the DRU-800A is the fancy retail package, and the DW-Q28A is the OEM package.

“Write Speed CD-RW 32 x”

not really… i think that site messed something up.