Sony DWQ 30A@Lite-On 1635S

How i make this???

Read first : F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives / V. Advanced Topics / [DVD-Writers]What models can be crossflashed / overview of LiteOn drive families and generations…

Use YSOW-stock from first, then YSOY from

You are probably better flashing to the test firmware YV6J or YV6M as both contain some enhancements to writing quality and also generally fix the DVD-R lead-in problem that earlier firmwares have.

YSOY includes the lead-in fix. I don’t see any reason for an inexperienced user to test experimental firmwares.

it’s YS0X not Y

no it isn’t

If the user is inexperienced, it’s probably better not to bother with cross-flashing at all as they will be losing warranty :slight_smile:

YS0X was the first firmware to include the lead-in fix.

YS0Y is the latest official firmware available from LiteOn, and it can be downloaded here.

There are some tests firmwares that I personally prefer, but I agree with Cressida that this isn’t something an inexperienced user should use.

Good point! :slight_smile:
But then it’s all in the F.A.Q. I referred to :stuck_out_tongue:

@ DrageMester
your link doesn’t work could you please fix. thx

No I can’t. The link worked when I made my post, but right now the “download” section of LiteOnIT Global isn’t working.

Only LiteOn can fix this.

In the mean time you could use the unofficial No-Frills Links to Official LiteOn Firmwares.

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Tks. Guys. I found and flash sony@liteon, and use the firmware YV6N the last 23/05/06.