Sony DWQ-120AB2 and Windows MCE


I installed the OEM version of the Sony DWQ-120AB2 on a new system with Windows MCE. Windows shows the drive in the device manager and the drive will function in DVD-Shrink and Nero. For some reason the drive will not function in Easy CD/DVD Creator or in Windows Explorer or Media Center.

In Media Center it tells me that there is no drive attached to the system. I updated the firmware tonight and now when I try to burn using the built in features in “My Computer”, I get an error stating that Windows encountered a problem while copying the files. In Easy CD Creator, the drive doesn’t even exist.

Any idea why the burner works in some programs but not in Windows built in software? I have built several systems and this has been the first time I have been unable to plug and play with a DVD-RW. The drive can read discs in Windows, it just can’t write them.


I don’t know, if this is valid for MCE, too, but at least Windows XP only supports CD-writing. Just check Microsoft Knowledge base. Experienced users recommend disabling Imapi Service in Control Panel, as it is mostly useless and sometimes disturbing.
Your Easy CD Creator version might be too old to recognise the drive. Maybe there is a “driver update” or similar on Roxio website.