Sony dwd22a won't read cd, cd-r or cd-rw but dvd's are fine



I’m at a total loss. The drive reads both home made and commercial dvd’s fine. It won’t read any type of cd at all. Not a homemade music cd, not a commercial music cd, not a data cd. It won’t even read any of the installation cd from microsoft. Whenever I put any of these media in, a strange noise kind of like a beep but lower in tone comes out of the drive. The green light blinks for a while, then goes solid, then blinks some more then goes out completely.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

First I backed up the firmware
then I downloaded this file from codeguys:


The firmware that I backed up was BYS2.

After I ran it, my drive is no longer seen as the sony, but as the 1633s, which was expected and fine by me. Didn’t fix the problem though (didn’t make anything worse either…that I can tell). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.