SONY DWD22A problem

I’ve bought this drive and CFed it to 1633s with BS41 firmware(so it is in fact 1653s if I understand what people say here). After this the drive is not able to burn correctly on my Verbatim DVD+R 8X media. I’ve tried EEPROM reset but it didn’t help. 3 out of 4 media are unreadable and the one wich is readable has high amount of PI errors (up to 1000). My InCD formatted SONY DVD+RW 4X works fine. Unfortunately I have no other media at home right now but this looks strange to me. Maybe it’s just problem of this batch of media but I really don’t know :confused:

try an earlier firmware eg. BS0K, BS0R, BS0S. for mw, they work better than BS41.

well,someone says BS41 is awesome, someone says it isn’t…and also someone says it’s the same as 1653s firmwares but the results differ somehow as I can see…really mysterious FW…let’s hope BS42 is on it’s way…