Sony dwd22a problem (lite-on 1633s rebadge)



hey, just got a sony dvd writer and this drive cannot seem to read or write cds at all. It will do fine with dvds, but cannot do anything with cds, tried all kinds of firmware and getting nowhere. If someone can please help me out that would be great.


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look there for some help. Other people have been having similar probelms and i think sometimes a firmware flash can fix it (what firmware have u tried?). Also i use Verbatim media for everything and i have no probs with that drive.


Also look here…


yo man, i checked out these threads, but not many people have a HUGE problem with cds like I do.

My problem is that i can’t even read cds at ALL, not even pressed CDs.

DVDs work perfectly, dvd±r or dvd±rw reading writing, whatever, all things for DVD work.

Just cannot read OR write any cd of any kind.


Usually this is caused by a fault with the drive but make sure you try another power supply or try the drive in another system before sending it back…


My buddy is having the excate same problem with his sony.
It just started. went to install hl2 and wont even read the disk.


ya, i tried putting it in another machine and everything, but it doesn’t work at alllll for anything with cds


ya just tried it in my machine and still no go. where can i get the latest bios?


Ok, I have followed this thread from the start, but nobody reported DW-22A related problem looking like mine:

I can burn and read regular CDs without problem. DVD data discs are also burned perfectly well. I can also create regular copies of DVD movies which can be played (almost) without a glitch on my standalone DVD player. However, whenever I try to play a DVD movie (manufactured or burned, does not make any difference) in my DW-22A burner, the picture freezes from time to time for a few seconds. These delays become more frequent as time passes. At the same time, some standard DVD actions like ‘go to next chapter’ take awfully lot of time to complete. Everything gets so sluggish, so slow, and in most cases DVD playback stops sooner or later.

It seems that DVD playback ‘spoils’ the burner’s XP driver somehow! (that’s why I’m posting this reply). Here is the main problem: when I remove DVD movie from the burner and try to use the burner for other (previously perfectly performed) tasks, it keeps its sluggish performance. In fact, the drive is no longer capable to complete even the simplest writing task. It cannot even read ordinary CDs burned in the same drive a day ago. Simply, the drive becomes completely unusable.

To bring the burner back to life, it is not enough just to reboot the computer. Basically, I have to delete CD/DVD drivers from the DeviceManager and leave to WindowsXP to recover them on the next reboot through Plug&Play.

I have replaced BYS2 firmware (delivered with the burner) with BYS3, with no improvement at all.

Please, help, this becomes very, very annoying.


What is you computer type (Nvidia, intel…), how much memory do you have, what is your operating System, which log do you use to read your movie…
Please provide more information.


AMD64 3000+ CPU, Gigabyte motherboard (K8NS), 160Gb WD SATA HD, 1GB RAM, Sapphire ATI 9600PRO vcard, Sony DW-D22A (BYS3) burner, no floppy, no other CD/DVD device. All new.


It seems that you only have problem with playing you movies so I have the feeling the problem comes from the software you use to read your movies (which one is it?). There was an issue with Intervideo back a while ago. Try deleting your software and use an other one. Powerdvd seems to be one of the best.


I already use PoverDVD, never tried anything else :frowning: Maybe I should try some other player just to isolate the problem… Which one?

The real mistery is how DVD movie playback could damage the burner so badly? In order to activate it again, I have to reinstall the drivers. And it’s a real pain in the *ss if you have to do it several times a day.