Sony dwd-22a/liteon 1653/nero7 not working

origionally i had the sony dwd22a and nero 6 worked ok but took an hour and half to burn a dvd.
i then flashed to liteon 1633 and worked great, burn times 20 minutes.Since then ive flashed to 1653 still working with nero 6 but i now bought nero7 and when trying to instal nero7 it removes my dvd writer altogether from sytem and have to use system restore, by the way im running win xp pro.
Which is best fireware to use with nero 7 and how do i backgrade to previous liteon if necassary
regards steve

to restore the drives after they have been removed by a software installation:
open regedit


“Upperfilters” & “LowersFilters”
and then reboot your computer.

also, nero 6 is more mature than v7. i use v6.6.0.18.

i would say sony’s BYX5 firmware is the best for your drive, as it also works good with my drive.

download the patched byx5 here:
and apply it.

ive flashed it to dru 710 its showing in device manager with exlamation and showing code 39, but its not showing drive when i double click my computer .also deleted the upper and lower files in regedit to no gain.
any suggestions cheers in advance

are you sure there’s no connection problem? have you checked the ide cable and the dma mode?