Sony DW-U56A supposed to support DL?

I ordered a drive for my laptop and it’s supposed to support Dual Layer per the seller’s description. What was delivered was a Sony DW-U56A which I can find just about no info on.

It has RFS1 firmware dated Oct 5, 2004. Nero and DVDINFO say it does not support DL at all.

If an update can take care of things, I’ll be happy. If it’s not going to do DL as advertised I’ll RMA it back.

Does anyone know anything about this drive? I’ve been searching all day.

try the Code Guys site thy seem to have firmware for the drive check it out. Here is the link:
Hope it works out for you.

Thanks. I looked on there before. They have the DW-D56A and the DW-R56A, but not the DW-U56A. I don’t know if this is hardware compatible with those. They have some newer firwares for the D56A than what my unit has, but they’re not in the RFS* series.

I also have a Sony DW-U56A drive that is not seen as supporting Dual Layer. I have read all of the messages on this site and have not seen any firmaware that supports this drive. Thereis no mention of it on Sony, Dell or Lite On sites. I tried backuping up the BIN using the EPROM tool from Lite On and then I tried reading it with Omnipatcher but it said it couldn’t open the BIN file. Does anyone have firmware for this drive that will enable dualk layer support. I did find firmware for the D56a and even for a U55A but I don’t know if it willl work with my drive.

U56A is a different drive.

Please post the summary output from Discinfo.

You have to backup the firmware with the Flash Utility.