Sony DW-U56A Firmware request

I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. As you can see, I am new here. I tried to find my answer using the search feature, but I cannot find the answer.

I was told that the Sony DW-U56A is a dual layer burner. It currently has RFS1 firmware. Nero tools states that it is not capable of DL. Is there a firmware that can be used to correct this injustice? I have been searching everywhere but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

Who told you that and where?

The information is very limited out on the web with regards to this drive but here are three links which state that the drive is a DL. I just did a Google search to come up with them. I hope links are ok to post.$NSID=8040

The drive is sold as SL drive, so there is point of injustice. Writing DL media is not supported by the RFS1 firmware. The hardware is identical to the DL capable Sony D56A/Liteon 852.