Sony DW-U18A

Hey Everyone,

I’m not so new to the firmware field but eh i’m having some problems.

I was given a DW-U18A and searched for firmware and found out I could upgrade it to a LITEON 832S. The thing is, after going through the omni patcher, Ltnfw patcher, and a crapload of flashes later, I found out I have a Belt Driven Drive with the Firmware Version of UFS1.

What’s the latest Liteone Firmware I can use? I’ve been reading into that crossflashing thing but not quite understanding it…

The last firmware I saw was a 832S.VS0J, but it’s gear driven, is there a way to patch it for belt driven?

lol. I think I included everything you guys need to know heh (i’ve also tried using the search tool but seems noone has my prob)


btw, I already checked the firmware
• VS0J - patched - crossflashing (for 451S, 851S, 812S, etc.) on the page

and it’s gear driven lol

i’ve kept looking on the forums… still no dice… can anyone help me please?

Sorry but you have the only firmware ever released for your drive. :frowning: No other firmware was released and no Liteon firmware has belt drive capability. There won’t be a patch from us at least, as there were very few released and it’s now a fairly old model. I still can’t understand why they released this model. :confused:

FYI, the problem is that the tray motor runs in reverse. I wonder if the tray motor wiring could be reversed to allow it to run Liteon firmware? :wink:

Ding! Just had a thought. You can use this Belt drive D18A firmware VFS2, which is like 832S firmware (dual layer):

You’ll need to use Omnipatcher to patch the firmware to enable crossflashing and then flash it with LtnFW. :wink:

Just realize that this firmware enables burning to only two +R9 media codes, thus extremely limiting your choices: media based on MKM 001 (most common media is that distributed under the Verbatim name), and media based on RICOHJPN D01 (I haven’t heard much of anything on this media code). Any other DL media dosen’t have its own strategy, and will use the default strategy. Make note that the default doesn’t always provide the best results.

@CK (if you happen to see this): what changed between the belt system used in the 2S series and that used in the 3S series? Or does all of the 3S series use a belt? Or does it just have support for both belt and gear-driven trays? The DW-D22A I have (using a belt) has no issues with other firmwares…which is why I ask these questions.

3S Liteons’ still use a gear drive. I haven’t seen any belt drive 3S models myself but the only difference can be that the tray motor is still driven in the same direction for 3S belt and gear, whereas the 2S was reversed for the belt drive model.

wow thanks for all the help… i’ll read these over now and see what i’ll do lol

it’s been over 2 weeks, i got the same model of dvd burner, but it just won’t burn anything anymore, keeps on giving me an error and failing, any suggestions?
how do i actually do an update?