Sony DW-U18A, Roxio EZ CD 5 and Windows XP SP2

Roxio does not see any DVD Recorders on this system. It does see this drive but the only recordable media shown for this drive is CD-R and CD-RW.

I have updated Roxio with the latest patch but nothing has changed.

Windows does not see a blank DVD when inserted in to the drive.

I tried NTI CD Gold but it doesn’t see the drive as a DVD either.

Any suggestions?

BTW i updated the firmware on the drive to UYS 4. It was UYS 1 before.


Not sure but I don’t think the EZ CD 5 will recognise DVD-RW. Unfortunately Roxio had hard coded optical devices & this has caused problems when new CD writers came along. I think things are different now though but you’ll need Roxio 6 at least.

By definition NTI CD Gold I would guess is only for CD burners. They did a later version which is/was NTI CD/DVD maker.

I think your software is just too old for DVD burners, but I could be wrong.