Sony DW-U18A Question and Answers!

To start, I always enjoyed Sony optical drives…until I bought this troublesome writer!

I recently purchased this drive and noticed it has 4 types of problems.

  1. It will burn till it reaches 99% and say the disc has failed.
  2. It will burn at a speed slower than 8x (4x at most)
  3. It will burn extremely slow and the output disc. is not readable in most DVD readers. (This occurred once for me)
  4. It will burn the DVD and everything seems fine. When you try to access the files, SOME of them are not readable.

I have burnt good copies of DVDs with this drive so I don’t think it is the drive
or the media in particular. But I don’t see why this drive is so inconsistant.
I am currently using Nero Ultra Edition as a burning software.

After going through many sites, I still have not found an answer. My qustions
are as follows:

  1. Will a flash to Liteon SOHW-812S help to fix my problems?
  2. Can I use the Liteon SOHW-812S media compatibility patches after I flash my drive?
  3. Are there more reliable software to burn DVDs (for backup files purposes)
  4. Will this flash render my drive unfunctional and can I restore the default firmware with the LtnFW utility or others like it?
  5. Most importantly, has anyone even successfully flashed this drive? If so, Please leave a way for me to contact you.

Finally, your help is much appreciated. I would like to clear up these questions once and for all because there just seem to be no solution on the internet. And if you do offer a solution please indicate if you have actually tried the solution or “THINK” that it will work! Feel free to add questions and comments about this pain in the behind drive.

Thanks again! :bow:


Please do not [thread=97169]crosspost[/thread]. Your question has been answered in the LiteOn forum.