Sony DW-u18a not working

Please help, until a month ago everything fine.

now cant burn anything with it CD/DVD used + and - fuji dvds and philips and maxtor

It plays everthing fine old cds/dvds even ones a burnt before with it.

using nero 6.6 burning rom,just has buffer underrun all the time between 90%-95%

is the drive gone or is it something with drivers.

tells me everything is fine in device manager

asked Sony no response

please post your system specs, you could try turning off all background apps like antivirus firewall etc (make sure your disconnected from the net first)

2.4 ghz intel
512ddr ram
74gb hard drive 33% used
nvidea gforce 4
samsung cd drive/writer
sony DW-u18a dvd/cd writer
zip dive

Drivers installed for dvd rom are

Pinnacle systems Gmbh 6,0,2,27 (System 32\drivers\ASAPIW2k.sys)

microsoft 5.1.2600.2180 xpsp sp2 rtm.040803-2158 (system32\drivers\cdrom.sys) (system32\drivers\imapi.sys) (system32\drivers\storprop.dll)

Padus,inc 2,5,0,200 (system32\drivers\pfc.sys)

Hopefully that makes more sense to you then me

tried turning everything off still not working

always 90-95%

Hi, I have just come across this forum because I have exactly the same problem as you with my Sony DW-U18A drive. Did you manage to solve the problem ?

Same problem here… sudden problems with HP DVD 640cQS12 dual layer light scribe in a Compaq AMD 3500 and Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWID2 in a Mac. All functions okay until I try to burn a CD or DVD. Neither burner reads the media as blank. I have tried five different brands of CD’s and three brands of DVD’s. There are no firmware or driver updates for the HP although the Computer is less than a year and a half old. Seems the driver for this unit was authored in 2001! HP has dropped support. The unit was manufactured by more than one company and sold under three brands including LG. I have been looking for a cross reference but I can’t find the post or site where I saw it. I have talked to a dozen people and read dozens of posts on the net with people complaining of the same thing. Is Bill Gates screwing with us or are the Manufacturers trying to push new products? What gives?