Sony dw-u18a@liteon812s

i have a sony dw-u18 dvd rw drive which i flashed to a lite-on sohw832w hoping for dual layer write capabilites.
after i fashed it i checked the drive using nero info tool and nero it self 2 c whether it can now write dual layer discs but it still dosen’t show n e thing

i’m running windows XP (SP2)

can n e 1 help

windows xp sp2 does not work with liteon burners, go back to sp1


Care to explain that one?
Why am I burning happily with SP2, RecordNow, and Nero then?
So much rubbish talked about SP2, really. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

there has been a lot of posts reporting this.

that’s complete tosh, mine is working (as well as it ever has) with sp2.

And did you verify this by testing yourself or do you just believe everything you read?

That said, I have an SOHW-812s with the CG3B firmware and a LTR-40125s running just fine on XP SP2.

I have read posts about problems with liteons & sp2. if i have errored then i hummbely appologise. i have no problems with sp1 and will be sticking with it till i do.

I have a Sony DW-D18A running firmware updated to CG3B as a SOny DRU 700A.
When i upgraded to XP SP2, my discs were burnt - but were horrible quality.
It improved when i went back to SP1.
In my case, the problem was I had Nero which is also incompatible with SP2.
The latest Nero has fixed their problem.
but i found it easier to go back to SP1 since my PC is a HP PC… and HP themselves
claimed that if i upgrade to SP2, they will no longer be able to support my PC.
someday, when they have ironed out all the driver problems with SP2, they will
issue a special patch for SP2, and then if we run that patch and upgrade to SP2…
they will support. but until then… no HP support.

so… yes… there are genuine problems with SP2.

my 411s, 832s and 1633s are working perfect with SP2. dual layer burns with 832/1633s are working, too. the 411s (HS0P, omipatched) has some dvd-rw reading problems when used with SP2.

It’s ironic, and I feel for all of you that have specific problems that manufacturers “disown” after service pack upgrades.
I have a Compaq laptop, and when SP1 came out it killed the hibernate/powersaving ability. Compaq’s answer was “it is not compatible with SP1, therefore we suggest you don’t use it”.
When SP2 arrived, it fixed all the problems that SP1 had “caused” and I had proper power saving and hibernation, not to mention all the benefits (as I believe they are) that SP2 gives. It has been flawless in operation 24/7 on my hardworking desktop replacement laptop.
Driver problems are a bitch, but pressure should be brought on the manufacturers of the hardware. Claiming SP2 is the problem is, IMHO, a weak excuse and not one that the makers of hardware should be allowed to get away with. SP2 is a great move in the right direction by MS, to provide better security and services on XP for the average user and should be better supported industry-wide.
Again, purely IMHO.

Every service pack that Microsoft has released, for NT4, Win2k, and now XP, has caused problems for some people. For the majority of people, each and every service pack has been an improvement.

I am running Windows XP SP2 on a dual Xeon PC here, and my 1213@1633 is working very nicely.

In some cases its not just some hardwar eincompatibility it differs from user to user some users simply should reinstall the windows because of many things that went wrong.

Some say good old microsoft lol.

to compensate for my earlyer (possible error) i thought i would download sp2 and try it.

started ok downloaded sp2 pack, verifercation ok, system check ok, instal updates started after about 10% it failed reporting there wasen`t enough room on my c: drive for the temporary files. did it then give me an option to clean up some space? no, and after i deleted an iso there is now plenty of room but cant restart instal.