Sony DW-U18A false advertising

I like so many other people were duped by different internet retailers. I was duped by LiveWarehouse, they advertised it as an OEM Sony DRU-530A. They don’t list it on their website anymore for sale either. Wonder why.

Should have bought a Plextor! :eek:

Just got off of online support with Sony. My question was ‘Can you help me with the Sony DVD Drive DW-U18A?’ Here is the response:

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Toni says, Hello, my name is Toni. May I have your full name and phone number please?
You say, wasiii 123-456-7890
Toni says, That drive is OEM and all warranty and support would be through LiveWareHouse
Toni says, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products are not supported by Sony. Sony manufacturers and license hardware to compliment other manufacturer’s equipment and is solely bundled as their product. We would like to be able to provide support for your product, unfortunately, the product you have is not a Sony supported product. A portion of Sony’s business is producing special products for manufacturers to install in their systems. We recommend contacting the vendor directly for technical support or respective OEM that the product was purchased from. The vendor is familiar with the modifications on the product and best qualified to provided support.
Toni says, Thank you for using the Sony Technical Support chat service. In a few minutes, a transcript of your chat session will be emailed to the address that you provided at the time of login. Have a nice day.
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Thanks Sony for being You!

Originally posted by wasiii
they advertised it as an OEM Sony DRU-530A.

Toni says, That drive is OEM and all warranty and support would be through LiveWareHouse

OEM = OEM , but it’s still not very userfriendly from the original manufacturer to set you aside that quickly.

I’m also quite amazed by the quick and standard reply. Seems they only needed to copy/paste a ready document from their desktop. Defenitely not an award for customer service.

I assume LiveWareHouse couldn’t help you with your troubles ?
I advise contacting the local sony dealer and tell him/her about this. Likely he/she doesn’t want to help either , but perhaps you can come to an agreement.

Maybe if you tell us the problems you are having with the drive someone here might be able to help you…

…I’m new to the DVD writing aspect. I’ve tried about 6 different makes of media to write on, I’ve been able to write dvd’s on only -R media, have had no luck with +R. I make more coasters than good dvd’s. I then bought Sony media (-R, +R and -RW), thinking it would be compatable with a Sony drive. Have not been able to write a dvd on - or + or even format my rewritable. Where do I start with this? Thanks in advance for any help.