Sony DW-U18A and bad burns

I purchased this Sony drive (I know its a lite-on drive) and am having problems with bad burns. The dvd will burn fine but when you try and read it the dvd will come up with CRC (cyclic reduncancy errors) on some files. The drive works fine when burning cd-r’s.

I’ve tried several brands of media generic and name brand with the same results.

My system is a p3 1000 with 512 meg of ram running adaptec’s aspi manager since I own a 2940 uw scsi card and the drive is hooked up on my secondary ide chain as a slave.

I’ve tried nero and ez cd creator both of which give the same results.

Can anyone help since the drive is over 60 days old and I was told that sony only offers a 30 day warrenty on this drive. Would hate to own a $110 paperwight or a really expensive cd burner.

 Thanks in advance

Change your UYS1 firmware for the latest LiteOn 812 or even 832. I own a U18a too and obtained better results using those firmwares.

Try US0N. Go here for the firmware and download a copy of OmniPatcher while you are there. You will need to at least use the cross flashing checkbox on the firmware becfore loading it.

It won’t hurt anything to check that box, but it’s not necessary. The U18A is considered to be in the same family as the 812S, so it’s not really a crossflash. I’ll call it a “sideflash.” :wink: So s/he could just download the US0N from my website and use it without OmniPatching it, because the US0N on my website has already been FlashFixed. Though OmniPatching it ain’t a bad idea. :wink:

The question is with the advent of it never burning a good dvd-r or dvd+r without crc errors is this in your opinion a hardware or software problem. I would assume that at least Sony would not sell the drive if it did not work somewhat out of the box especially since they are getting a higher price then the original Lite-on drive.

I hae put in a request with Sony for an RMA on this drive though I can not find any warrenty information on it what-so-ever and will only flash the firmware if I am going to eat the drive to begin with. I will say this year I purchased 2 Sony products and have had nothing but problems with them.

With Sony partying out their whole line of products to third party manufactorers I think it might be time for Sony and I to part ways. It is so sad to watch a major company like Sony spiral into the pit of junk manufactorers.


Hmm, the times when I got crc errors were due to less than perfect media (That’s on an 811 tho). It went away when I got better rated media. U said u’ve tried different media, but which ones. Altho the dye is very important (eg ricohjpnr01, or ritekg04), that’s not the be all and end all as quality can vary from brand to brand (even within the same brand). Which types did u try?

I had crc errors using cheap media (ie Datawrite Red v3) with this drive. Then I changed my firmware using the wonderful code tools. I got rid of crc errors, and got nicer kprobe scans. If it doesn’t work for you, just restore the original firmware, then send your burner back where you bought it.

Ok, if anyone would be so kind as to message me via e-mail walking me through the process or point me at a link that does just that for my Sony DW-U18A to take it to a firmware for a Lite-on 812s or as someone else mentioned an 832 whichever will result in the best functionality.

Sorry to bother but I am a newbie in the woods at flashing firmware and please if you wouldn’t mind also include the method to save back the old firmware incase as mentioned that I might have to step back.

Thanks in advance… Kevin


1/ Download the stock US0N from
2/ Unpack the RAR file.
3/ Double-click on the file you just extracted.
4/ Select the correct drive.
5/ Click the “Update” button
6/ And you’re done.

Going back to UYS1 is fairly easy, too, and there is no need to back up the firmware since backups of it already exist. I can post those instructions when necessary.

Ok, firmware updated to the sugested Lite-on 812 and still same problem. All I had left though were these 4X Platinum media which I purchased at Microcenter and I am sure this is junk media since it doesn’t even return disc info when you query the drive for disk information. No manufactorer, no nothing. It does see it as 4X media though.

The drive can not be returned as it is over 30 days old and the company I purchased it from (GameBU) does not accept a return after 30 days and Sony being the fine outstanding company they are doesn’t even return e-mail. So basically it looks like I own a really expensive CD burner now ($110) since it burns cd just fine.

I am going to give some media a chance though. Any suggestion as to a particular brand that people are having really good luck though as I am dissabled and on a fixed income. Purchasing $2 a piece media is pretty much out of the question for me.

 Thanks, Kevin

I’ve purchased Verbatim, Fuji, and TDK media from Best Buy when its on sale ($1.00/disc or under) and have had good burns with my new DW-U18A drive. Burned a bunch of TDK 4x DVD+R discs over the weekend (at 6x and 8x) and only had a problem with one of them (that I wrote at 8x).

There are lots of other good media you can buy online as well. I’ve heard good things about this Prodisc 8x +R media:

You can also get high quality Taiyo Yuden media for around $1.20 each:

I’ve heard that LiteOn drive burn DVD+R media better than DVD-R media.

Also, if you are constantly getting CRC errors, you might try replacing the IDE cable that is connected to the drive. There could be a problem in the cable itself that is corrupting the data. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for the tip on media. And mentioning best buy was awsome since I don’t drive and they have free shipping to go with the $50 gift card I have been sitting on.

As to the drive cable was planning to do that tonite. I have read that suggestion on numerous occassions by reading through this forum. Plus move the drive I burn off of from the secondary chain with the burner to the primary chain slave position as I am told this can help to.

This week, Best Buy has a Verbatim Digital Movie 4x DVD+R media 25 pack for $24.99. I’ve heard good things about this media. If you don’t mind the fact that the face of the disc looks like a movie reel. :slight_smile:

They also have a FujiFilm 4x DVD-R 100 pack for $79.99. It could be either Taiyo Yuden media (unlikely) or ProdiscS03 media (more likely). I don’t know how the Prodiscs burn in the Sony/LiteOn drive, but they work great for me in my NEC drive. Haven’t had a need yet to test them in my Sony drive.

Good luck!

Thanks code65536 for the information on how to flash the sony dw-18a. Worked well and DVD is now confirmed as a LiteOn 812S. Firmware uson version. Burnt first complete DVD back up of a movie that said it burned with success but only works in PC. Stand alone DVD player still reads disk error when loading. Have tried several different media. All same result - another coaster. As you may guess when you contact Sony Tech Support, (They did respond when I inquired about updating drivers but of course they are of no help because its OEM and they do not support the unit).

code65536, have you or anyone else found media that works consistantly in this burner? Find several medias that say it will work with LiteOn 812S with firmware USOJ firmware but nothing with the USON version that burner was flashed with. Getting ready to paint a bullseye on this unit and use it for a target.

Regards DW

+R media is preferred. Ricoh +R media tends to be both well-liked and well-priced. Other decent +R media have also been known to do well. For example, the Fuji +R media found at Newegg is Ricoh. Some of the Ritek +R found at Newegg is also good (though that’s often also a mixed bag). Here’s a recent popular one: TY media will do wonders, and at 83 cents a pop, this is the best legitimate TY deal I’ve yet to see.

Remember to booktype your +R discs to -ROM.

If you’re using good +R media that your discs still have problems playing back, it may be worthwhile for you to investigate the quality of the burned disc using KProbe2 (use a 4x scanning speed and be sure NOT to tick realtime chart). If your errors look good and the disc plays poorly, then it may be a problem with your player. If you’re using good media, and your errors look bad, and the disc plays poorly, then I’d say that you got a defective unit, which is something that can happen, by accident, bad luck, etc.

I decided to go through with the patched UYS1 firmware. The results were somehow displeasing: I could write perfectly on -R media but I only got coasters on +R media. So I decided to re-flash with US0N, and the results where the exact opposite: +R media was written perfectly but -R media would result in an error while writting the lead-in.

Is there any way to make things work bothways? That is being able to burn +&- R media.
I always burn only Verbatim DVD+R 4x datalifeplus and Verbatim DVD-R 4x both at 2,4x burning speed. Now I can’t burn DVD-R…

Anyone have the same problem?

yeah, we poor fools that actually used to believe that Sony sold only above quality products and that Sony also stand behind their products sure turned out to be all day suckers. I basically kicked the sony drive down the steps of my home and out into the street and watched it get run over by a truck. I WILL NEVER buy a sony product again.

Picked up an 832 Lite-on and haven’t had a bit of problem since even with the junk media.

I actually upgraded my DW-U18A to US0N using the suggested patches & methods I got here. So far, I got 1 coaster with my very first burn (-R) and I haven’t had a problem since. I guess there was somewhat of an adjustment burn but I’ve completed the spindle of -R media and onto +R. It definetly works alot better than the last time I tried to upgrade the firmware.

thanx DigtlLogic
I´m not using DVD-R by now. Using DVD+R i have very good results. I guess i wait for new firmware to upgrade to 832s when DL media get cheaper.
But i like to make it work.

Thx a lot.

i @ my DW-U18A to DRU-700A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-832S) with OmniPatcher & all good work.
when i @ DW-U18 to LiteOn SOHW-832 - do not work