SONY DW-U18 W/ UYS4 firmware

I was just given a sony dw-u18a and i have read that it is actually a liteon 812s. I have not however been able to find this particular firmware discussed in any forums. Is this good firmware or should i flash it to a different one. If i should is there a guide on how to do this and is there tools i will need to do it. If it is somewhere else sorry i couldnt find it. thanks

I haven’t yet heard of version UYS4, so it must be a new version.

Please make a backup of this firmware and email it to me. Since it is a Liteon (SOHW-812S as you said), you can use all of the Liteon tools discussed in the Liteon subforum. To make the firmware backup, use the “Firmware Flashing Tool” from here.

i just emailed you what you asked for i hope i did it right. Should i hold off on flashing this until i find out more about this firmware??

Nah, though it is newer than the other known DW-U18A firmwares, it is still fairly old. I added it to my collection here:

I would convert the drive to a SOHW-832S.

i hate to ask because i am sure it is here somewhere but is there a step by step guide to do this??? sorry if it is…

ok i downloaded the 832S.CG3E.patched-cf firmware from codeguy and i just doubleclicked on the file and it loaded to my burner…and it now says it is liteon sohw-832s. Did i do it right or was i supposed to load it through firmware program or omnipatcher. can i now write dual layer and can i still write to +r discs???

Yeah, that’s all fine.