Sony DW U14A will burn CDs but not DVDs

I have tried everything I can think of (which probably isn’t much) to get this thing to write some data files (jpg files from my camera) to a DVD. Tried all types: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and different brands. I have a fortune in DVD’s sitting on the shelf. It just keeps saying invalid media and kicks it out. I’m using Sonic Record Now and tried using Sonic MyDVD as well. I can burn cd’s with no problem from Windows Explorer.
I run two CO2 lasers, high $$ commercial embroidery software, and know Corel 12 like the back of my hand. What am I not seeing with this DVD burner? This is an out of the box Sony computer PCV-RS530G. It is now a few months out of warranty of course. Sony is of no help whatsoever. I tried. I have updated every driver, patches etc. for all software. I am running XP home.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated. But please put it in “plain” english. (I know I’ll catch flack from that remark) :o

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Sorry for the late reply. Try using Nero CD-DVD Speed to burn a DVD disc using the create data disc function. Let us know whether this works or not. :wink:

Hey there,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you but I have been in San Francisco for two weeks.
I tried the suggestion with the Nero software download. It will read a CD but when I put in a DVD of any type it says there is no disk inserted. It seems it just doesn’t see the DVD’s. Any ideas as to why one and not the other?
You know most of the time I just love my computers, but then there are the other times :sad: I have only made a dozen or so cd’s so it just can’t be wore out already.

It’s not worn out but it does sound like it’s developed a fault… About the only thing you can do now to prove it, is to put the drive in another system and see if it can read DVDs.