Sony DW-U12A => DRU-500A possible? worth it?



Hi, All!

I apologize if the same question has been asked before. The board search has not been indexed after the upgrade, and I can’t find the info I need. I googled and came up with just one relevant thread. From that thread and I conclude:

  1. DW-U12A is an OEM version of DRU-500A
  2. DW-U12A can be flashed to DRU-500A
    Are my conclusions correct? I’m a little uncertain, because some online sources state that this is an OEM version of 510A

The second part of the question is whether such an upgrade worth a try. The media will be -R MXL RG02 (at least for awhile). The primary usage of the dirve is backup of DVD titles.

If it is worth a try, what f/w would be the best to use? Do I have to take any precautions before/during the upgrade, or is it just a straight forward process of running exe file? I’ve flashed my LiteON a few times, and know how to backup f/w and EEPROM, but I’m not so sure about Sony.

If you have bookmarked any threads relevant to my question, please supply me with the links. I’ll appreciate any input.

Thanks for your attention.


DW-U12A is an OEM of the DRU500AX.


Thanks for you reply, Bhairav. Now I’m even more confused :wink: I’m not questioning your knowledge, but… This page says that it is an OEM of 500A, and this page talks about 510A. :confused:


See here:

Sony DW-U10A = Sony DRU-500A
Sony DW-U12A = Sony DRU-500AX
Sony DW-U14A = Sony DRU-510A
Sony DW-U18A = Liteon SOHW-812S
Sony DW-D18A = Liteon SOHW-832S


Thanks, dhc014. I shoud’ve searched the Net better. I knew it’d come down to the f/w eventually, but I needed to find out the correct drive model first. Looks like upgrading Sony is a bit more complicated than LiteON :wink: I need to burn a few MXL RG02s on U12A, check PI/PO and readabilty, and if I don’t like the results, then I’ll start messing with f/w. Thanks for showing me the path :wink:


I have one DW-U12A, in a Buffalo external USB/1394 box. :slight_smile: