Sony DW-U10A

Hiya all!

OK, I ordered a Sony DRU 500 AX and what actually arrived is a Sony DW-U10A :frowning:

Now, questions :slight_smile:

This drive, whilst looking not quite as nice as the AX unit, I am assured by the people I brought it from IS A 500AX

Are they correct? They say its the same internals exactly, but then when I ask about bios updates, they said


How can it be the same then?

Have I been duped?

Do any of you use the Sony DW-U10A ??

Is it as good as the AX?

Im not bothered about the retail packaging to be honest, this was always going to be an OEM Drive, but I want to make sure really that I have got a decent DVD Writer… my concerns are that of quality and what sort of media it will like (Or not as the case maybe!)

Any help appreciated!!