Sony DW-U10A troubles to burn DVD but OK on CDR and CD-RW? (read this)

After installing this DVD-R and I’ve expend two days revising almost everythink: DMA’s, IDE’s configuration, master/slave combinations…etc…
But after installing the last VIA Hyperion 4in1 v4.46 drivers for the chipset all the problems have disappeared at once.

I was able to burn all expect DVD-R’s and now is all working fine.

My gear is Asus A7V33 with Raid, XP2100+; W2KSP3, Pioneer DVD-500M, Liteon LTR 52246S and now Sony DVD DW-U10A.

Just in case you’re on similar troubles… my two cents.

I also have the DW-U10A that I just installed in my pentium II, 128mb ram running windows 98 se. My problem is that the drive wont access any cd of any kind at all. Device manager see’s drive and all seems ok there but still no dice when I try putting any kind of cd inside. Msg generrated is …“D:\ is not accessible. The Drive is not ready”. I tried locating the driver on the sony website and also but I keep getting pointed to the sony 500 version…??? Can any one help me.? This PII situation is only temporary but for right now I dont have must hard drive space and love to download and gather info so I really need to dump a whole lot of stuff onto CD’s or I’m really going to lose it for sure.