Sony dw-q58a

Made a misflash with my SONY DW-Q58A (rebadged LiteOn SOSW-8?3S)

Flashed it with Liteon SOSW-833S VRS3 and of course it doesn’t quite do anything right anymore.
I’ve been digging hi and low, google, forums, etc. I just cannot find anything that will reflash this drive to fix the problem. seems to have a vast amount of firmware, except my drive seems to be the only one that isn’t a hyperlink to a download or bin file.

I’ve manage to find uys2win.exe, uys4win.exe, uys3win.exe, uds2win.exe. Problem is these ALL seem to be scrambled. Running them won’t work of course. Also, none of them will cooperate with flashfix, omnipatcher (unable to process scrambled…), or xflash_utility (no extractable firmwares found).

All of these seems to be due to the fact that the firwmare .EXE’s are scrambled. I guess I need an unscrambled firwmare of some sort or a .BIN. Any help would be wonderful, thank you!

Going to assume I’m screwed considering a lack of any responses. Ah well, live and learn…