Sony DW-Q58A UDS1 Firmware Needed



If someone has a copy of this original firmware, please post. I, and a bunch of other people, apparently need to revert back to the original.


You haven’t used SEARCH. It’s already been discussed here in this very subforum!


I have used search, and it has been discussed in this very subforum. Now, the question is why are you spamming my thread with a reply that adds no content? If I had found the answer through the search feature, I’d like to believe I wouldn’t have to ask, would I?

I posted because there was no thread that contained any information on obtaining the stock firmware. If you can point me to a thread with a working link to a downloadable stock UDS1 firmware, then that would have been a bit more helpful.

To reiterate, I need a copy of the original firmware (UDS1) from a Sony DW-Q58A drive. Thank you.


It already has been discussed - and just creating another thread then is nothing else then spamming, as per the forum rules…

So, why creating redundancy where none is wished and needed? So.

Anyone is allowed to post “in your own thread”.

Obviously you have only spammed, see your own post here: :rolleyes:


That thread suggests a topic for another firmware and an answer was never achieved.

I need a copy of the original firmware (UDS1) from a Sony DW-Q58A drive. Thank you.

(The “Free” button in the lower right corner of that page.)

Which firmware to use for this drive? UYS3? Or is there a better one?
On the CodeGuys’ homepage you can read “Sony DW-Q58A
(rebadged LiteOn SOSW-8?3S)”. Which one is “8?3S”?


DiggnSaeg, I have the same firmware backup as you. Did you use LtnFW to backup your drive? When I put the firmware you sent into the OmniPatcher program, it reports an error, which is the same that happened with mine. I would just stay away from UYS3 and the others and stick with your stock firmware.

If you don’t mind, let me go dig up some instructions someone posted for the process of how to properly rip the firmware.

This comes directly off the dell support board by a fellow board member. Unfortunately, the firmware that was posted has expired:

Download that “” file and extract it to somewhere.
You will find a Windows 98 Dosfiles and Mtkflash v1.83c Folder inside.
Make sure your using mtkflash v1.83.c

Plug-in your mp3 USB stick and format it using the Format Tool from HP.
Download it here:
Make sure you don’t Have any important files on your USB-MP3 Stick because everything will be erased.

  • Install the HP USB Disk format tool for Windows using the Setup (sp27213.exe)
  • Start the Tool from the created Shortcut on your Desktop (HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool)
  • Select your USB-MP3 Stick as device
  • Select File System “FAT”
  • Let the volume label empty
  • Select “Quickformat”
  • Select “Create a DOS startup disk”
  • Choose “using DOS system files located at” and point it to the “Dosfiles” folder that you extracted
  • Click Start and Format
  • Click Yes to proceed with format
  • Click OK and Close


  • Copy all the Files from the “Dosfiles” folder to your USB-MP3 Stick root and overwrite everything!
  • Make sure you can see all files because some of them have a system or hidden file attribute.
    Don’t change the attribute from the files just copy them!
    You can see all files by enabling in Tools/Folder Options/View the “show hidden files and folders” option and by
    "unchecking" the “Hide protected operating system files”

Copy the “Mtkflash folder” to your USB-MP3 Sticks root


  • Restart your notebook with the USB-MP3 Stick plugged and enabled.
  • Get into the Boot menu from Dell (on my notebook I need to press the F12 Key on start)
  • Select something with USB Stick or USB Storage Device (I don’t know the name exactly)
    Then you get into the good old Windows 98 Command Prompt.

In the command Prompt you type:
“cd mtkflash” to change into the mtkflash directory
then type:
“mtkflash.exe 2 R /B /M uds1.bin” to backup your firmware into a file named uds1.bin
Wait a minute or two until it gets back to command prompt
“dir” and check if the file is really there

reboot your computer and mail me the file to --removed–
After testing the file I will put it online for others too!


sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand my text


If you just have one Harddisk and one DVD Drive installed then your DVD Drive is installed as Primary Slave. Make sure you use the right number, but i think “2” is right for you!


Example for backup firmware: mtkflash.exe 2 R /B /M uds1.bin

1: Primary Master
2: Primary Slave
3: Secondary Master
4: Secondary Slave

W: Update ROM / Write
R: Backup ROM / Read
B: Binary mode
M: Merge Rom-Banks into one file

Let me know if you need any help.


OK, this obviously did the trick.
UDS1 doesn’t support bitsetting, right?


You will have to use Bitset tool at top of this forum. And you will have to use it every time you boot. In other words it doesn’t stay after shutting down or rebooting.


Great! Thanks for the firmware DiggnSaeg! I’ve already updated mine with the original firmware, so all is well. I sincerely appreciate all the help.


gotta wonder why y’all are going back to the original? with the stock I could only burn cds at about 8x even though the burner is 24x. I’m using the uys2 without issue.


Where did you get UYS2 that you are using?


Thank you all for the help. This will be my last message to the board. I’m in the process of either removing my account or getting banned by codefreaks due to my comments with both him and chef. Thank you again.


I’m using UYS3 and it’s working fine for me. I don’t get quite the quality burns I get with either my NEC 3520A or BenQ 1640 but no fatal errors.

Are the slim-line drives as robust as the normal half-height drives?



most of the way down

Sony DW-Q58A (rebadged LiteOn SOSW-8?3S)
• UYS2 - stock (2005/05/16 and 2005/06/30)
• UYS3 - stock (2005/08/12)


I have the same problem with Sony DW-Q58A, could anyone help me with the UDS1 firmware? The previously posted links doesn’t seem to work anymore. I would greatly appreciate any help…


Hi there!
Try this one:


Thank you a lot, I managed to reflash it! :slight_smile:


Saw this thread pop-up again and forgot all about it. Thanx. I also haven’t been on here much as you can tell :o


Hi, I’m looking for the same UDS1 firmware,a nd the links have expired again. Can you help please. many thanks. really desparate to get this!