Sony DW-Q58A- Serious Problem

Ok, I flashed my drive back to its original state yesterday, and today attempted to update it to the current version of its firmware (uds2), so I used the flash utility for liteon drives… now everything went ok until I checked my computer again, only to see my girlfriend had turned off my computer in the middle of flashing the drive. I turned on my computer only to get an error that reads “Your optical drive may have become disconnected. Please turn off the computer, reconnect the drive, and reboot to continue, or press esc to continue” Now, my computer cannot even recognize the drive, so I can’t fix the firmware… any way of bringing back my drive?

You can fix the drive with mtkflash, search the FAQ for it.

I don’t have a floppy drive, and the optical drive is out of commission, so there’s no way I can use MTKflash

I have an external USB floppy that i use for times like that on my laptop.

Now that you mentioned USB, I think everyone here has a USB memory stick… :slight_smile:
Copy IO.sys, MSDOS.sys and, add flasher and firmware to stick, enable USB boot in bios and go on from there.
Heck, even my sons old Armada with can boot to doze from USB. :wink:

And those are all located in the WINDOWS folder, correct?