Sony Dw-Q58A Problems

I Have compaq presario 2566AP laptop with this burner

problem is that when i burn to my DVD-R’s (Movies) they seem not to work on ne dvd players or the laptop dvd itself

i updated the firmware to urs2 r something like that.and it stills has trouble

the CD’s i burnt into are Riteks…

i burnt a MOVIE to a dvd-rw and the cd worked fine

not sure if Laptop dvd burners are fussy on certain cds or just thats how they are

yiur heko is greatly aprecited!!

Try different media…you say you’re using Ritek, and you keep saying CD - do you mean DVD? Ritek DVD media quality is very questionable at the moment.

You say a copy to DVD-RW worked fine, what brand is the RW disc?

Try popping the RW disc, and one of the Riteks, into DVDIdentifier, and post the Media ID for us.


the dvd/rw is a TDK

and my dvd-r i burning to is ritek x8

i just done one now…it plays up to about 2:48 2minuites and 48 seconds and thr movie freezes…

not sure wat it is…

i tryed the burner on a ineternal lap and a external usb conecter thingo

same on both

also tryed the burner on a different lappy and done same thing

So, it plays fine on the TDK -RW, but freezes on the Ritek -/+Rs…certainly sounds like a media problem.

Just to rule it out, check your DMA is enabled (this thread shows how to check it).

I still say try better media, though - Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, or indeed TDK are all very good.


i have got Dma ENABLED

im guessing its the DVD’s im using

i think if i use better quality DVDs i fink it will solve the problem

cause i use riteks on my other PC (not laptop) on the pioneer 110 burner and they work fine

so im guesssing laptop burners are more fussy on wat media u use

Excellent idea, you got it spot on :slight_smile:

As mentioned above - Taiyo Yuden-made media (available online as Plextor etc, and unbranded), and Verbatim - you can’t go wrong with those generally. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I find Pioneers (and LiteOns) to be very forgiving burners, so they probably tolerate mediocre media better.

ok cool thanks for ya help

so would it benificial for me to get the latest firmware the usy3 or something


i wa scared that my i thiught my burner had stuffed up…but now to think of it…its the cheap dvd media causing the prboblem’


As long as you know it’s the right firmware for your drive, flashing with the latest could be a good idea.

Just make sure you have no media in the drive when you flash, and that the power isn’t interrupted. I usually flash in Safe Mode, to reduce the amount of programs running while I’m flashing.


I have that drive and it seems to burn +R discs better than -R. Try using Booktype Tool posted in Tools stickey using +R discs. Set booktype to DVD-ROM and see if that helps. If you use the tool you will have to run it every time after restarting your laptop. Read the info on it.

I am having serious issues with this drive. I have edited the upper and lower filters in the registry and installed the latested firmware, but I still have a problem. The drive will run DVD’s but not CD’s. Also the LED, which used to flash yellow, now flashes orange. I know this is a common problem, but haven’t found a solution yet. Can anyone help???

Welcome to CDF’s:

There’s 2 lasers inside. One for DVD and one for CD. Could be your CD laser is shot.

The thing with the LED is that you are using Lite-On firmware (orange) and was using Sony firmware (green).

Is it still under warrenty?

Interesting statement for a slimdrive. Any link to back that up. :slight_smile:

AFAIK slimdrives only have “one” laser, assembled in optical pick-up head with only a single objective lens. (Only laser power has to be changed to apply for burning CD’s or DVD’s.)
But then, what do I know… :smiley:

Sorry [I]nelly1923[/I] not being of any help. :sad:

I’ll dig up something if you can backup your statement :bigsmile:

I just thought they had 2 lasers.

Anywho nelly1923 i guess you could flash back to Sony firmware and see if that helps. If it is under warranty then you will need to anyway or should i’d say.

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A while ago I was searching for some info at TSS page and run over this. Not too technical but gives enough substance. :cool:

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Maybe you gave me wrong link :confused:

Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Releases
the World’s First Slim HD DVD Read Drive for Notebook PCs

This is for a Toshiba HD DVD drive not a Sony Q58A.

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Not a wrong link, that was done deliberately. :bigsmile:
Now you tell me in what aspects Sony differs…
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