Sony DW-Q58A master/slave utility

can some1 help me to switch my slim DW-Q58A master to slave?
I tried some utils for liteons, but they doesn`t work.
PLZ help

Update: Windows tool now available

change 7Сh position in eeprom
CS -00h
CS_inv -02h
MA -08h
SL - 09h

default setting 08h (master)

PS: this information from russian forum
is checked by me - it works

You doubt?
Certainly works!

Interesting. My russian language knowledge is kind of bad these days but the info there looks promising…

Yeah! man! IT WORKS!
Many Thx! :clap:

Can you or someone explain/translate for us non russian speaking people please :slight_smile:

Gday, what utility are you using to change the value at the address specified please?

Hello together,
it would be very helpful if anybody can post some explainations how to modify cell 7Ch.
I think the first step will be to connect the drive to a computer, which can communicate with the actual setting.
But, what is the next?
Could anybody help? It seems many other users may know!
Thanks a lot

can someone please let us know the tool used to change this setting, will omnipatcher work ?

Try this windows tool I’ve just created for the Q58A and let me know how you get on:

I haven’t been able to test it. If it detects your drive, it will work…

Thanks for that program COdeKing !

It seems to work a treat, did not solve my ide #1 error problem with my tosh thou…

See this thread:

Hello C0deKing,

it works «::: P :::»«::: E :::»«::: R :::»«::: F :::»«::: E :::»«::: C :::»«::: T :::»«::: ! :::».

No name could describe you better then “C0deKing” - Have a lot of thanks.

Pleased to hear it. I’ve changed the name of the tool (shouldn’t have been SOSW) and it’s now on the Utilities page of my site. Link updated above as well.

C0deKing > I haven’t had to use this tool but it does recognise my drive. Thank you for taking the time to make it.

Do I need to use this utility to assign the drive as master/slave before attempting to flash the drive on a laptop? And is it safe to flash it on a laptop? I have heard some horror stories with NEC slimline drives having problems if flashed on laptops. Thanks in advance 4 any replies.

I tried this utility and now my Dell laptop does not see my DVD drive. I cannot install a new driver either. When I boot up I get one light flash from the DVD (so power is there) but nothing after that. Help. Can I revert back again somehow? At least I could play/write CD’s before but not DVD’s.