Sony DW-Q58A master/slave utility

current utilities E2MS_WIN.exe and De2ms.exe not work , eeprom reader and rpc util work ok

eeprom included

I thought that the default setting for these drives was cable select? :confused: Then again, I guess CS sometimes doesn’t work too well in the kinds of weird IDE configurations some laptops tend to use. I’ve modified the the master/slave setting in the EEPROM, but I’m not sure if it’s right, since I made the changes based on the info that I had for older models, so I won’t gaurantee that it would work.

Check your PM.

yes is in cable select mode but in 2 from 3 notebooks is not work , i grounded 49 pin - and all ok

What notebook you have that in?

I have dvd rw sony dw-q58a for notebook, it is seting on master but I need that it would be slave, becouse notebook not recoznited it, becouse hard disk is also master. if hd set to be slave it also not work.I have to seting sony to be slave with flashin eprom. Haw can i do it

hi there , i can not get the E2MS_WIN.exe and De2ms.exe to work i get errors im trying the change the the drive master/slave settings on the sony Sony DW-Q58A… its going in a toshiba 2400 laptop ,i need help ,thanks tommo44

If i run this utility will it transform my lite-on drive to slave?

I cannot download this file. :sad: