Sony DW-Q58A in Dell Laptop = ghost burns on DL media

I recently bought some DVD+R Dual Layer 8x discs, but just got an immediate error when trying to burn them on a Sony DW-Q58A in Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop (new 4 months ago). Firmware was UDS1, so flashed to UDS2. It now burns at 4x speed (ie 30 mins) but when verifying takes longer than it did to burn it! about 45 mins. All seemed to go well nero burned and verified the disc. Then when trying to look at the disc in file explorer nothing appears. Doing Disc Info in Nero it says ‘no disc in drive’.

I am only testing on this laptop drive as I bought a new LiteOn DVD8900 drive that appears as a BenQ DVD DC DW1670 (firmware 103) for my external USB2 caddy but that gave an error in nero when burning about 5% way into the second layer.

Anyone know whats going on? I’m wondering if I should have just stuck with my trusty old LiteOn + single layer media that has burned 100’s of discs flawlessly. So far my dual layer experiences on 2 diff drives are just making coasters.