Sony DW-Q58A in Dell laptop - FW = UDS1 is it worth

upgrading to UDS2??..anyone with issues with this DVD drive???

Liteon rebadge. Dell support = lame.

thanks for replying chef…but I have no idea what is means…what I wanted to know is that shoul I be upgrading teh UDS2?

Are you customizing a new system? If upgrade from DVD/CD-RW combo or DVD-ROM, yes it’s quite worth it.

I have the same drive in my Dell E 1505, I upgraded to the UYS3 firmware from the codeguys site and it appears to be working fine. One side effect of the firmware upgrade appears to be a change in the color of the LED from green to orange. Otherwise drive appears to work flawlessly.

thanks guys…but I can’t see a reason why I should upgrade…I am not customizing a new system…

Oakey, if you have no issues with the drive then just leave it.

chef as you know…from my other posts…I am sort of having problems burning a dvd… could that be related to the firmware??

What exact dvd media and what exact error?