Sony DW-Q58A dvdrw in toshiba m10 laptop

recently purchased the above drive from pc world for my sat pro m10 toshiba laptop.

When i fit the drive i get the common ide#1 error. After several searches on the net and with the help of some people on this board, i got a utility to set the master/slave settings on this drive, hopefully as i thought to cure the problem.

It didn’t, neither master, slave, cs or inverted cs cured the ide #1 error.

The only way i could get the drive to appear in windows was to do the following :-

on startup and getting the ide #1 error, press the esc key
at the ‘check status press f1 for setup’ prompt that appears, press f1 to enter the bios.

Exit and save changes by pressing ‘end’

The machine reboots and everything is fine until you shut the machine down then you have to start again.

I have read that people have fixed the problem by shorting out pins 45/47 but surely the software to select master/slave is the same.

I don’t wanna take this back as a replacement tosh drive will cost a furtune.

anyone help me please ?

I recently installed this on my Fujitsu/Siemens laptop and had no problems. Drive had firmware UYS3, manufactured December 2005. Only prob is that it seems to be picky with some cheap +R media, and it totally loathes Verbratim x8 -Rs (MCC 02RG20). Have you burned anything on it yet? Will start a thread soon comparing it to my previous slimline drive (NEC ND-6650A). It could be a mainboard issue, but more experienced users could most probably give you better estimates on the subject.

Thank you for your reply, yes once the drive is detected by the bios, (by doing a save as explained in my previous post) everything works 100%

it’s just annoying having to keep entering and exiting the bios on startup…