Sony DW-Q520A?



just recieved this new drive for my laptop but the Drive is not recognized.
there is no jumper on it
is there a way with a driver to change from master to slave?
thank you


You will need a special software tool to change it to slave but the tool probably doesn’t exist for your drive, well, not in public anyway. I would need a copy of your firmware to adapt the LiteOn tool I have to work with your drive. thinks Maybe it’s time I adapted the LiteOn tool to work with any drive.


can you explain how to do it please?
witch tool?
is it easy to do?


i have same drive - i have backuped his eeprom (with great eeprom utility from - its size 4 kb , master slave adress in eprom is 07c (like in older drive ) master value is 08 slave is 09 , i change to slave and upload it back to the drive - all work ok ( for flashing and backuping i use external USB case )

my dumps is attached (1.4 KB)


[B]Note:[/B] Only use 876’s EEPROM files as a reference. Don’t flash them to your drive as this will overwrite factory calibration data unique to your drive and will most likely stop it from burning well!!!


phew that was easy although it took me a while to realise this solution was staring me in the face.
anyway as a bonus here is the latest firmware from sony for this drive(or is it liton)
and here is a link for everybody who just wants to get thier drive working as slave and doesnt realise the solution is as posted above

thanks guys better than sony technical support