Sony DW-Q520A issues

Hi there

I use the Sony DW-Q520A DVD-burner in my notebook and have noticed the following problems with it:

Writing: It takes extremely long to write any CD or DVD. An average CD with 650 MB shouldn’t take longer than 4 minutes at 24x speed which is the maximum speed of the burner. However, it never finishes before 15 minutes. A DVD with 2018 MB took me 56 minutes even. It was a DVD+R media and burned at 4x speed being maximum again. What I noticed during burning: the buffer level indicated at Nero is never at 100% where it is usually when I use the LG DVD-burner in my desktop PC. It always goes up and down between 7% and 90%. This does not appear to be a software problem of Nero because CloneCD also finished the CD after more than 14 minutes. Although the burning result is fine and all required data is on the CD afterwards, it simply takes too long in my eyes to burn a CD or DVD.

Reading: It seems to be impossible for the drive to provide a smooth playback of audio CDs or DVDs. I have really tested a lot of discs meanwhile and both windows media player and winamp are able to play an audio CD without playback interruptions. I figured out that I can copy the content of the CD to my harddrive using the software EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and then play the .wav file without any problems, but it is very annoying to do that with every CD I want to listen to. The same issue with DVDs, neither with windows media player nor PowerDVD nor WinDVD the drive is able to provide a smooth video/audio stream, both are interrupted continiously. And copying a DVD to the harddrive before watching it is even more annoying.

With both reading and writing it seems to me that the required data rate to burn a CD or to watch a DVD can’t be reached.

Has anyone ever noticed the same or similar problems with this drive?
Could a firmware update be the solution? (my current firmware is HYS1)
Could it be the master/slave setting of the drive that causes the problems?
Does anyone know the corresponding LG model for this Sony drive? (if there exists one)

I hope anyone here can help me. Thanks in Advance

erhm of course I am talking about the corresponding LiteOn Model, not LG. Since I have a Liteon DVD-Drive and an LG Burner in my desktop, I always mix those two up.

Hi fancy club, welcome to CDF :flower:

Have you tried checking/enabling DMA for your drive(s)?

If not, give that a go first :slight_smile:

I believe it is a rebadged LiteOn, but the forum search didn’t pull up anything regarding which model, so hopefully someone else can answer that one :doh:

hmm needless to say but of course the drive was running in PIO mode. I had to delete and resinstall the IDE 2 channel however to set the U-DMA mode but meanwhile everything is running fine. Smooth DVD and CD Playback and CD-Rs in 5 minutes.
Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: