Sony DW-Q520A is not recognized by my laptop

I have recently bought a sony DW-Q520Q dvd rw drive for my toshiba laptop. After replacemnet and powering on I get an IDE 1 error message and the drive is not recognized at all (can’t open it, it is not seen in device manager). I never had this problem with the original toshiba drive. Is there anything special what has to be done to activate this sony drive? I will be very gratefull for any advice

I have exactly the same problem.

This isn’t a permanant fix, but will get you going in the meantime…

If you let Windows boot up fully and then manually eject the slim drive, then re-insert it, windows will install the drive and you will be able to burn until the next re-boot.

Unfortunatley, mine only writes at half speed for each DVD format after doing this.

I’m no expert on these things, but I believe it’s Toshiba punishing us, by making a BIOS that does not recognise non-Tosh drives, and for not buying a new writer from them and as such will require some sort of firmware hack.

If you find out how to solve any of this, please let me know.


Got is sorted now guys.

Used XSF to flash the dead drive with firmware from a new drive.

I would appreciate some advice too. I want to patch the firmware so that I don’t get “IDE#1 Error” on my Toshiba notebook every time I boot up. What app should I be looking at to do this?

Thanks for your help up to now.



these problems may be due to master/slave settings, that are in firmware instead of using jumpers instead.
Maybe there is something useful on available. I am not sure if that works for your drives.