Sony DW-Q30a

Hi all. Im new here and i was checking things out when i found a few firmware updates for my DVD burner. I put in the most recent one for my DW-Q30a, and i have a problem with it reading or writing cds. It plays and burns a DVD just fine and the firmware is YYS6. Did i do something wrong?

Try with good media and maybe at slower speeds, can magically help.

I dont think your understanding me. It wont read or write cds atall anymore. Meaning no cd will show up in MY Computer. It was before and now all it reads is DVDs. All this happened after i updated the firmware and yesterday was the last day i burned a cd with it. Does anyone know what i did wrong?

Try flashing the drive again – if all else fails, with the old firmware. It may not have completed properly.

I would like to flash it again with the old firmware, but i didnt back it up and i cant find it online anywhere. My old firmware was YYS1. I have YYS2 and S5 and S6. if u know where i might be able to get the old firmware, i would appreciate it.

I have two SHW-1635S drives flashed to the latest test firmware. Both work with DVDs fine, one no longer works with CDs of any sort. I tried everything from restoring EEPROM and reverting to an older firmware. Still no CD function. I think it is a hardware problem.

Both work with DVDs fine, one no longer works with CDs of any sort.

does both ur dvd burners still burn dvd+r’s? cause if the do then i wont worry about getting a new burner. i havent tried yet cause it sucks wasting blank dvds.

Well, guys. it still burns a DVD. Burns at 8x, no problems. Ill just keep using it till it dies on me. i appreciate all the help. Thank you.