Sony DW-Q30A



I just bought Sony DVD burner model DW-Q30A and installed to my commputer.
The DVD take more than 50 min. to burn a regular movies ( no protection and just burn from iso files in hard drive )
I use Nero program to burn it.
I use another computer with Pioneer burner and burn the same movie only take 8 min.
Do we need to have driver for Sony DW-Q30A ? If yes, where we can get it ?
Need some help.



Check in Windows Device Manager if DMA is enabled for the IDE controller in which your DVD burner is attached to.

You can find updated firmware for your Sony burner here (YYS6 is the newest):

Before installing the new firmware, make a backup of your burner existing firmware using LtnFW tool.

You can also use in your drive Liteon’s 1635S firmwares. You can find then here (YSOW is the newest):