Sony DW-Q30A (Liteon 1635S): This is a good choice?

Hello guys!

Im having a lot of problems with an LG recorder, so i decided to put it on the trash and buy another one… this time i want to stay away from LGs. So, i found this drive at a local store:

Sony DW-Q30A (same as Liteon 1635S).

The question is: This is a good recorder? Im between this one and the LG GSA-4167B…
I read a few reviews of this sony and it seems to be fine…

So, 4167 or 1635 ?

Thanks for the help!

I bought a Philips SPD 2400 recently. It’s a rebadged Liteon 1635S, flashed it back to the 1635S and with the test firmware that’s available on this forum I’ve been very pleased with the result so I’d recommend it.
There have been issues with the 4167 regarding the power supply so maybe safest to go for the Sony.
Also with the SOny/Liteon you can do Disc Quality scans which you may have seen referred to here.

Are these the only choices you have?

As I would prefer a BenQ 1640/50/55 over the Lite-ON if you have that available where you are buying from. The 1635S is an ok drive but I think there are better alternatives if you have the choice.

I disagree. with the work wind and karr have done with utilities and firmware, I think the 1635s makes an excellent alternative.

I have the same drive, and did the same as Tim. So far, it’s working excellently, and I’d say the LiteOn is a very good choice. :slight_smile:

I also have a 4167B, and of the two, I prefer the LiteOn. Plus as mentioned, you may or may not have PSU issues with a 4167B.

What exactly are the issues with the 4167B? how come it is bad enough that you would prefer a Lite-ON over it?

I was considering buying a LG drive after reading all the praise the 4163B gets, but as that is no longer available, the 4167B was an alternative but it doesn’t seem to be quite so well liked :confused:

OK, i decided and bought today the Sony/Liteon.

Any tips for a Liteon 1635 new user? Utilities, firmwares?

I performed a little search on this forum, and the next steps seems to be:

-> Backup the E2PROM with the E2PROM Utility
-> Backup the Firmware with the LtnFW Utility
-> Change the device ID from DW-Q30A to SHW-1635S using the Omnipatcher
-> Update the firmware to YV6J
-> Use smartburn to enable Hyper Tuning and Overspeed

I have RITEKG05 medias. Any sugestion about the better write strategy?

Thanks for the help!!

Omnipatcher is only useful upto the 1693S drive.

You should be able to directly cross flash the Q30A with either the test firmware, or if that doesn’t work I have used firmware from here successfully.

Download and flash with YS0W, then you are free to flash with any subsequent 1635S firmware. :slight_smile:

As for the RitekG05’s the best strategy would be to throw them away. :wink: They may burn well now but there’s no gurantee you’ll have a useable disc in 6 months time! :disagree:

The steps you’ve mentioned are correct except no need for omnipatcher, just flash directly with the YV6J firmware as Kim Jong has already said.

And you would also be wise to follow the advise on the RitekG05 discs, they are likely to fail after a relatively short period of time.

:eek: Man, dont scare me!! Do you mean that the disks will “die”? If i keep them into a box without handling, there is any risk to loose the data?

By the way, i completed all the steps described on the previous post and the results are amazing. :clap: Im having such good results with this RITEKG05… I even burned one of them with overspeed enabled at 12x, and the quality is good. But burning at 8x gives me the best results on quality analysis. Its a LOT better than my LG. That damn drive with latest firmware only allows burning RITEKs at 2x, and i didnt even try it cuz i think that this is ridiculus (30mins to burn a disk)… :disagree:

Thanks for all the help! This comunity simply ROCKS! :clap:

The discs you have burned may die or they may not.

Many people have found that their G05’s burned well initially but in subsequent scans of the disc or upon accessing the data/movie backup the discs were close to unreadable and in some cases all data was lost.

I would [B][U]NOT[/U][/B] trust these discs for important data at all! :disagree:
My advice would be to back up all the essential data you have onto discs other than Ritek eg Verbatim 8/16X or Taiyo Yuden.

Read up on the G05 problem by searching the forum. One such post is here

I’ve had such experiences myself with RitekG05 media that other people have given me, so yes, they do fail a lot of the time for no good reason.

Many of my Ritek G05 discs died within one year, no scratches, no poor handling, all properly stored etc but they just lost their data. I’ve now thrown out every ritek g05 that I’ve every burnt (and re-burnt them on to better media). I will never buy anything made by “ritek” ever again.

So, it comes now about how long can we store it, not just how good can we burn it.
But, how to test?

I don’t think this is something for you , or other burner manufacturers, to worry about. This is a general problem with G05 media however they were burned.
I hope I understood your post correctly.

When it becomes the storage problem, I become an user. I just want to know how can I make sure the disc would be good after a long time storage. Any idea?

With G05’s it is a case of poor quality control. There is not much you can do to stop the degredation, it will either happen or it won’t. Even in optimum conditions (cool, dark, low humidity) this will still happen. There is nothing you can do to prevent it

The time the discs are stored for doesn’t make a difference. Some people have reported unuseable G05’s within a matter of months.

The only thing you can do to be sure you keep your data is simply [B]do not use Ritek G05[/B] :frowning:

I have some left over that I only use for moving large files around. I throw them away when the data is transfered.

The only advice I can give you is to choose a good disc (MCC/Hitachi-Maxell/Taiyo Yuden are generally considered safe choices) and store the media (In Jewel/DVD case) well in a stable environment (Low humidity/cool temperature/dark conditions) and hope for the best.

Wind, read this if you want more details.
A guide published by National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA:

Damn, I have bought some Maxcell DVD-R 8X from the local store here, and the MID becomes RitekG05! :a :a :a

We are getting rather off topic here guys.