SONY DW-Q28A Tray Problem



Problem is like this, when I eject tray in time of restarting computer, the tray closes very fast, and sometimes, it has nothing to do with restarting now, ejects very fast. When I try to close tray with light pushing I feel that the tray is a bit “light”. But in overall drive works perfectly. It has KYS3 firmware.
Any help on this?
And I think it’s a OEM.


you really shouldn’t worry about the tray, if the drive behaves overall normal.
your drive is a rebadged liteon 1693s.


Yeah I know I’ve burned alot DVD’s and I had no problems with them.
And two more things, while I’m burning DVD with Nero 7 Ultra, for example on x4, I think that the normal burning on that speed is like 5,550Kb/s, but for example if that’s the transfer rate of burning how come that is varying from, example, 5,550 to 5,560 or similar and sometimes goes a little bit down.
Secong thing is at the time of burning when I’m trying to run some simple app. like Firefox or IE both buffers goes down sometimes to very low. My conf. is:
AMD 1.7+XP
256 MB RAM
Gigabyte GA7VA KT400
Runninig on WinXP pro SP2
HDD is always defragmented by Diskkeeper. And SONY is on secondary IDE solo
Primary has Maxtor 40GB and LG CD-RW. They both are 80 semiconductor cables.
Is there any help on this or is it normal?


no drive will burn at the exact speed you set it. if you set it to 8x it can vary between 7.99 an 8.03 for example, that’s not unusual. i really see no problem as everything seem to work normal.


And what about buffer?


what do you mean with very low? i don’t know how many processes are running on your pc and how much memory they need while burning. 256mb ram are enough for burning dvds, you just shouldn’t do anything else during the write process. with >768mb ram there wouldn’t be problems.


I have a standard WinXP SP2 proceses.
In addition I have : Kapersky 6.0, Realtek soundmanager, ATIsys and LAN card via Cable modem.
The real problem is that even on LG CD burner buffer drops on very low, and that didn’t happend before. When I first bought PC about 3 yrs ago I could easily burn, watch divx, and go to Internet even play games, at the same time without major interference. You have in previous reply how the drives are connected.
Just one more thing, can I do something about slowing the ejection of tray on SONY DVD-RW?


Help on the above reply please.


And the day has passed, but no one answered me question.


maybe a fresh windows installation will help. you can’t do anything about the tray ejection speed.


Nope, recently got cable modem :smiley: because of that I’ve done a fresh WinXPSP2.