Sony DW-Q28A no longer inserting some information in recorded disks

Hi there,

This is my first post in this wonderful forum. I hope someone will be able to help me.

I’ve recently bought a Sony DW-Q28A recorder (firmware KYS1). I’ve had no problems with the drive: it records good disks (I’ve had not a single coaster so far). During the last few weeks, apart from recording a few DVD+Rs, I’ve been using it mostly as a tool to measure PI and PIF errors on various disks I have (with the help of Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.10).

My (little) problem began when I patched the drive using firmare KYS3 from the Sony.Q28A.KYS1-KYS2-KYS3.stock.rar collection. While the drive continues to do a good job as a recorder, the DVDs it makes now no longer display some information that were previously available in Nero CD-DVD Speed (Disc Info/Extended Information: Usage, Copyright Protection and Recorder Information; and, most annoyingly, under Disc Quality, the recorded disks no longer show the message “Recorded with Sony DVD-RW DW-Q28A KYS1”.

I tried to correct this problem by restoring my backed-up KYS1 firmare (using LtnFW, with both the Update Boot Code ON and OFF), by repatching it (KYS2, KYS3), but all my efforts were unsuccessful: the recorded DVDs with my Sony drive no longer display the above message and information.

Is this a common problem? Does it mean that my Sony no longer has original firmare inside, voiding the guarantee? Is there a way the problem can be corrected?

Thanks for any info you can provide.


why are you posting this here?

As this is an IDE drive and not a LiteOn standalone, this has been moved to the appropriate forum. :slight_smile:

Sorry, my mistake. I wasn’t aware that there were two forums beginning with “LiteOn DVD Burner/Recorder…”.

Now that my post is in the appropriate forum, I hope someone will be able to answer my query and help me.

you can crossflash your drive to a 1693s with a patched firmware. you can also flash it with the sonyid firmware, which will rename your drive to sony dru-800a.
the infos should be available with this firmware.
you can get a patched KC4B here (remember it will void your warranty, bu you can always flash back):

That recording info is only and can only be recorded by using DVD-R media!

So then it must be a limitation of the software (Nero CD-DVD Speed) to show that info only with DVD-R and DVD-RW media. I recently used only DVD+R and DVD+RW media. This coincided with myself upgrading the firmware to KYS3, and I thought something was wrong with the firmware. Thank you for your help, chef! Thanks also to chok0 for his suggestion.