SONY DW-Q28A firmware update

hello :slight_smile:

i have a SONY DW-Q28A on my computer and i never made him a firmware update…
the only thing that i did to this drive is to make him a RPC1 drive…

my question is which firmware to install on my drive? KYS3 ? KYS4 ? KYS6 ?

do i need to make my drive RPC2 before the firmware install ?

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i made a mistake…

its KYS3 , KYS4 , and KYR6

the firmware that the drive have now is KYS1

You’ll need KYS4. No need to change to RPC2 before the update, but you’ll have to change it to RPC1 again after the flash, I think.


Do I need new glasses? I can only find KYR6 at for DW-Q28A. I had no problem to switch from MYS* firmware to MYR* for my DW-G120A, even with Sony’s official flasher.

No need to change to RPC2 before the update, but you’ll have to change it to RPC1 again after the flash, I think.
Not necessarily. RPC1 setting even survived crossflashing from Sony to Liteon to Sony firmware :slight_smile: But it’s a good idea to verify that.



Yes for some reason Sony only list the Branded and not the OEM series of that drive there. I have installed a Q28A with KYS4 in one of the PC’s at my sister’s and it’s working fine. I had KYR6 on there once, but I don’t remember whether I “flashfixed” it or not. Probably, out of habit :slight_smile: .

if you don’ mind loosing warranty, you could flash with C0deKing’s LiteOn SOHW-1693S KS0B FBDX firmware:

it’s probably the best you can do for your drive.

first of all, tnx all :slight_smile:

and i have a question for you chok0:

there will be no problem to crossflash my drive to Lite On ?

what it will improve in my drive?

the lite on cd speed result is not perfect… is it ?


crossflashing is no problem. if your burning software is oem, than it may be a problem using it with a liteon drive. but i think there’s a sony named version of the firmware in the package you can download from the thread i’ve linked.
just test it.

[I]the lite on cd speed result is not perfect… is it ?[/I]
i don’t understand…

first of all. tnx for answering :flower:

on this link:

you can see quality tests that discs who was burned with the crossflash drive.
the quality score is not look so perfect… ( like 93 score for Verbatim with MCC code)
the SONY drive is on my brother’s computer. i have NEC burner on my own computer and when i burn with NEC on verbatin (MCC media code) i get a result of 95-97.

and i still dont understand what the crossflash will improve on my drive?

TNX a alot :slight_smile:

KS0B is the most up to date firmware, the FBDX version adds some nice quality improvements. just read the linked thread.

and after the crossflash i can use any new firmware of Lite On SOHW 1693S (when it will be available?


there won’t be any new firmwares for the 1693s… but you can always use a crossflash patched version, if there’ll be a new release.

ok. tnx a lot for all. :slight_smile:

so i just download this file: and run it on my drive, and thats all ?

if some day i will want to crossflash back to sony q28a is it possible ?

and again, big big tnx

if you want to flash back to your sony firmware one day, you need to make a backup of your current firmware.

tnx a lot! for all the help! :slight_smile:


Crossflashing to Lite-On firmware is your decision, it’s not obligatory however. There is nothing wrong with Sony KYS4 firmware: :wink: