SONY DW-Q28A - firmware disaster

Hello. My SONY DW-Q28A was misbehaving so I updated the firmware to KYS04. Now it ain’t behaving at all! Before I throw it out and replace it with an NEC Writer, is there anywhere I can get the old firmware back? I’m crosseyed searching. Any help would be appreciated. :frowning:

WHAT old firmware??

I think it was KYS01

I have no idea what the old firmware was. And no, I didn’t back it up. My searching revealed (erroneously?) that the DW-Q28A is the same as the DRU-800A which is the same as a LiteOn SOHW-1693S. So, anywayI think I got the firmward from the rpc guys.

However, when I tried flashng something not specifically for the DW-Q28A, I kept getting error messages.

Still scratching head.