Sony Dw-q28a/dw-q30a

I am looking for a drive to be used for disc quality tests and I have found the SONY DW-Q28A and SONY DW-Q30A. But from my previous experience with LITEON DVD-ROM drives I have found that generally they are not very good readers. Should I get any of these two or should I look for something else?

I’ve a Q28A crossflashed to DRU-800 with patched FW KC4B and works great when burning and when reading, specially when ripping DVD, very fast.

the sony dw-q30a is a rebadged lite-on1635s drive :slight_smile:
it seems to burn +r’s really well from what ive read on the forums :bow:
check out the threads :iagree: , seem’s not to like +rw media though :doh:
hope this helps u decide-

What is the difference between dw-q28A and DRU-800? Would the dw-q30a be a better choice than dw-q28a?

The Sony DRU-800 is a rebadged Lite-On 1693s drive.
The Sony Q28A is OEM version.
Both are the same drive.

Heywhat type media is suggested… cause ive been using ritek meda g05 and been havein issues with dvdr freezing up…