SONY DW-Q28A any good?

Hello, is DW-Q28A any good DVD-burner?

I got some serious problem with the quality when I burn DVD-video. The burn tests you have done (e.g in the thread ) are really good, are they done burning regular data or DVD-video?

What is the most reliable media or technique, DVD+R or DVD-R? (for DVD-video)

Then I have to say I’m really impressed with your burns when you get results as PI errors: 3.36 PI failures: 0.04 , when I tested with a bought movie it didn’t come up in your quality:

Then to my burn tests.

The best result I’ve got so far is with a Maxell DVD-R (RITEKG05) and was done with original firmware KYS2 (haven’t burned with this media in KCB4), this is the result:

Then I have two more media with much worse results.
First is eProformance (DVD-R, ProdiscF01), I haven’t got it to work any time, not even with my new Philips DVP5100, here is two scans, the first with KYS2 and the second with KCB4:

Finally scans with DVD-R Pro DVD (TYG02), this is supposed to be licenced by Philips and with A quality if there is such standard. Both CDs works on my new Philips DVP5100 so I believe Philips has licenced the media, but the first media (KS0B) doesn’t work with my old Kiss DVD or my brothers pretty new Centrum DVD, the second (KCB4) does work to my surprise with all players, here is the scans:

My final question is, what can I do to get as good burn results as you guys? (or at least close as good as yours…)

Thanks in advance,

Damn, how do you get the images in the post so it’s possible to write between the images? But I guess you see the images anyway…