Sony DW-Q28A-10 model?

Hi guys,

A local store is selling a “Sony DVDRW+/- SONY 16X/48X24X48 BULK DL+/-”
internal IDE rewriter. When I ask them about the exact model number they
reply with DW-Q28A-10 and this specs list:

Sony Double Layer
4.0x (+/-R DL)
16x (+R)
16x (-R)
8x (+R/W)
6x (-R/W)
48 x 24 x 48 CD-RW

A Google search shows several shops around the world offering it
(always as a bulk-type deal) but I can’t find it on the Sony website
among their retail offerings.

Does anybody knows anything about this model or if it is another name
for any of the (retail) models by Sony?. By it specs it seems identical to
the Lite-On-manufactured DRU-800A so I would be interested in
knowing that so I can consider them equivalent regarding the reviews
and the firmware updates the DRU-800A has got so far.



Should be a LiteON 1693S