Sony DW-Q120A

Hi, hope you can help me with this one. I have a Sony DW-Q120A writer. Some months ago it started giving me verification failures/reading erros when using Nero 8 and InfraRecorder. It manages to burn the cd, no errors up to that point but it fails whilre verifying the compilation. So far i have tried this two softwares, updated IDE/ATA/SATA drivers for my chipset (VIA), and saved two for the ending: flashing to the latest firmware available (which I did, but still the same), and mannually cleaning the lens and drive (wich I did not, yet).
By the way, it also fails to “pick up” the cd/dvd sometimes.

Could it be that it’s just dirty? It’s over a year and a half old, never cleaned before.


Welcome to the forum, try unistalling it in the device manager then rebooting computer letting windows reinstall the drive. Let us know if this works or we can try something else.

Hello, thanks for your answer. I’ll try doing what you say. But I think its properly installed since I don’t have any problem burning cds (sorry for not mentioning this earlier). It only fails while veryfying the compilation after burning a DVD.
Also, it’s always been a problem trying to burn on DVD-R discs, so I have always used DVD+R discs, whitout any problem until a few month ago when this started.
This fuc… I mean funny drive is making me mad!


Removing the drive from hardware settings and letting windows recognise it again did not work.
Please, any clue?

What media are you using? Is pressed media [eg store-bought CDs, DVDs] giving you the same issues?

I don’t really know what you mean by “pressed media” (I’m from Argentina, I can’t find a similar/analog expression here), but I have tried Verbatim, Sony, HP, mitsui, etc. Boxed and bulk, -R and +R. All with the same result.
This has been happening for the las few months, sometimes it managed to burn and check alright but recently it fails to check always. :frowning:


Sony DW-Q120A is a rebadged LiteOn SHW-160P6S. I have a Sony DW-G120A which is a rebadged LiteOn SHM-165P6S, and I have 1 each of these drives, i.e. 1 DW-G120A and 1 SHM-165P6S. Latest frimware for the LiteOn SHM-165P6S is MSOR, but it performs best with MSOP firmware, the next to latest firmware. My point is you might find your drive may work better with earlier firmware. FYI the DW-Q120A may be cross flashed to SHW-160P6S and SHM-165P6S, and there is info on how to do this as well as links to firmware needed at In addition to PC burners I have a LiteOn SHM-165P6S cross flashed to Sony DW-G120A just yesterday as a replacement burner in LiteOn LVW-5005 recorder. BTW by pressed disc I think he means commercially produced DVDs sold in retail stores.

Thanks guys.

Albert: Non recordable “original” CDs or DVDs are read without any problem. Just [U]sometimes[/U] it happens that some CDs/DVDs I burned fail to start. I give them some more tries and just then thet get “picked up”.

bevills1: I’ll try flashing to SHW-160P6S.


Have you tried the next to newest Sony firmware? I suggest trying that first if not already tried because it’s simpler in that you don’t have to FlashFix Sony firmware to flash Sony drive, but LiteOn firmware must be FalshFixed before flashing Sony drive. BTW you might also try turning off SmartBurn if not already tried because I find I get better SL burns with SmartBurn disabled.

I flashed my drive using PYS2. I think it’s the latest. But no changes.
Where do I disable smartburn? I’ll try that before flashing again.

I stand corrected: What I did is flashing from PYS1 to PYS3

I have the SHW-160P6S and it’s a great drive.

Keep a can of compressed gas (those intended for removing dust from electronics) around and when needed you can blow it inside the drive (towards the center) to move contaminants away from the laser.

Be cautious of “laser lens” cleaners as poorly designed ones could damage the drive.

superhero :slight_smile:

Most likely SmartBurn is not enabled since you ask how to disable it, but see link to SmartBurn info in the last “Read first” sticky in this forum. It appears PYS2 is second latest firmware found by going to and entering "DW-Q120A "in search box. You might also try PYR2 there which I think is basically same as PYS2 except it’s the retail drive version.