Sony dw-q120a problem

I got my drive a year ago but have never used it for burning dvds untill now. I tried burning a video file onto the disc but it changes into a cd drive when i put the dvd in (not worried as i have previously read it is only cosmetic) and it also says free space 0 bytes total space 0 bytes. When i try to copy a file onto it it says windows had a problem copying the file.It works with cds though so it is not the drive itself.I have checked and i have latest firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which media are you using, and has different media been tried? The message you’re getting is usually due to either incompatible or bad media.

Its the same with all media. Video (though windows burning software wont burn that anyway) and mp3 foormat

what OS are you using, xp, vista? xp can only burn stuff onto cd’s with the built-in burning engine afaik not dvd’s.

Didnt know using xp.Nero also seems to fail, what would be best for burning onto dvd’s?