Sony DW-Q120A Issues

I recently purchased a Sony DW-Q120A DVDRW to replace a Sony DW-U18A. The computer recognizes the drive, but my software does not. I am running Win2KSP4, and StompSoft bundled software on an Intel Server platform. Here are my problems: 1. The computers that house the DW-U18A’s are validated, so A. I cannot replace the burning/backup software, and B. I need to find a direct replacement for the current drive, and Sony does not sell the DW-U18A anymore. C. I can get away with a patch or driver replacement. I know the drive is actually a Lite-On drive, but I have not been able to find any information on the Sony model to get a cross reference. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. If you need more information, such as specs, errors, please let me know, I will be happy to post. Also…even if Sony does not sell the U18A anymore, can I still get the Lite-On equivalent??? I am going to research in the meantime.

OK, so I found out the Q120A is really a LiteOn SHW-160P6S - the question is, why doesn’t it work with StompSoft???


You wrote, that this software is a bundled version. Those often support only the hardware, it comes with. Another possibility might be, that you are running an older version, that does not support newer drives.

Both issues are very common.

If you need this “Stomp” software, ask their support for a solution. Another possible option would be, just creating ISO images and burning them with ImgBurn or similar tools, provided, this is accepted by your software policy.



Thanks for responding - I think the old software (which I found out is actually Sonic Solutions Stomp) does not support the new drive, however I am going to try re-installing the software before I give up. As it turns out, our purchasing department started purchasing StompSoft instead of Sonic, so we don’t even have the licenses to get support, etc.